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zaterdag 10 mei 2014

Rainy days

Since it has been raining a lot lately, in the place where I live, I was thinking about doing a post dedicated to (surprise, surprise) rain. Well, it's not exactly about rain, that would be a short story, but it's about what I prefer to do when it's cold and raining outside. Because there are plenty of things that you can do, and I thought I might share some.

1.) Movies
Who doesn't love movies? When it's rainy out, it's the perfect opportunity to curl up in a blanket and watch a great movie online or on your television. There will away be movies that you still have to see, or perhaps you have some movies that you can't get enough of and have to watch more then once. Just get yourself some snack and a nice cup of tea, and you are good to go.

2.) DIY's / crafty things
I personally love to craft. It has this calming effect on my mind and body, and I'm just focused on what I'm making and being creative. If you can't really think of anything to craft, or you might think that you don't have the right equipment to make something, take a look on It will give you many ideas about crafting in different ways, even if it's just a useful craft for in your house, like how to stop strings from tangling or something. Also: when you discover pinterest, you can scroll for forever, it's really addictive.

3.) Go out
Yes. I really said ''go out''. I always feel like, when it's raining (not storming), just subtle rain, I like to take my umbrella and go for a walk. Just explore. When you have a dog, it's great to take him with you as well. Sometimes you just need to take some time to be aware of what's surrounding you. And: it's very relaxing as well.

4.) Re-organize your room
When it's rainy out, it gives you plenty of time to clean up your room. But, why not re-organize it? It is fun to do and sort of experiment with your furniture. And most of the time, a re-organized room has a good effect on how you feel. It makes you aware of the things you own, and how to rearrange them.

5.) Bake a cake!
I love baking so much. And how! You get the chance to create something delicious in your own kitchen, and you can eat it, dûh! The process of making something is fun, and getting to pick the fruits of your work is such a good feeling. I really enjoy preparing my own food and treats. So get your cooking-skill on and prepare something delicious!

These were (of course) very obvious things to do when it's raining outside. But a reminder on these things can't be wrong. I hope I've inspired you enough to find something to do when the weather ain't on your side.


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