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dinsdag 18 maart 2014

First publication!

Last year I had the amazing opportunity to walk for a big fashion event in Rotterdam, called Saloné della Moda. I walked for the designer Mountaim Yam, from Hong Kong. His designs were amazing and real eye-catchers! I felt so honored to wear clothes from his own brand mountainyam112.

That event is now almost a year ago, and today I found out that there were pictures of me in one of his designs, published in a magazine. The pictures are published in La Femme magazine, isn't that awesome? I was pretty shocked but thrilled to see the publicized piece. Of course, I felt the need to share it with my lovely followers! What do you guys think?

My picture is in the middle, the bottom one. You can also spot me on the bottom picture of the right page; I'm the third from left. 

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