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zaterdag 6 februari 2016

Disclosure, 5th of February, HMH

Yesterday I went to Disclosure in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam. Of course, I admired their music and remixes on the long run. But they honestly went beyond my expectations last night.

I didn't know, but while standing there, in that big oasis of people, dancing, singing and sweating, I figured out that this was their start of the tour. What? So, that means they are going to go big, right?! And they did.

They started with some all time classics. After 2/3 songs they wanted to hit us with some new music of their recent released album Caracal. Some songs I found even sounding better live than on the album, but that might also be because Disclosure music really grows on you.

You see, they make a selection for their album. Some songs so catchy, the hits. Sometimes you listen to an album and some songs speak to you, some never will, or eventually will. The case with Disclosure is: you start to love the whole album, after a while. What makes it worth discovering, at least, that's how I feel about it.

Superego, for example, sounded so dope live. Like, the bass hit you in the face, not kidding. The whole place was bursting from energy, and everytime that drop hit, everyone went crazy. It was euphoric, really!

Then: the visuals and lights. It was so sick! I don't really have any knowledge about these technical preps, but damn it was great. It was just right. Of course, the famous Disclosure doodle made an appearance a few times in the background, but also the artists they have worked with while making this new album, such as: Sam Smith, LION BABE, Kwabs. They were probably filmed for this show, so they could make epic visuals out of them, singing. So you saw LION BABE singing and dancing around, just side-view of her body.

The roof went off, when 'a fire starts to burn' started to play. They really did a great job on that one. Remixing the song live, the bass, it was epic.

When they said their first ''goodbyes'' to Amsterdam, the place went in awe. But of course, they came back. They had 3 songs still, to play. They announced their special guest, Brendan Reilly. Damn, what a voice! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, that guy can bring a sound, incredibly good.

Summarized: I really did enjoy my time there. It was an incredibly good show, vocally, visually and the whole experience all together. Where can I sign up for the second show?

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