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dinsdag 19 januari 2016

Koen and bags

Even though it's freezing cold outside, I've been loving the weather lately! Last weekend I woke up with the dazzling view on a winter wonderland, that got me up and out of bed that day, to make some pictures. Yesterday, I was with my good friend and fellow student Koen. As I said: freezing cold, but the sun you guys.. The sun, the light, great circumstances to shoot in. Bonus was, Koen brought this fancy ass bag that he got as a gift from his mom. She found it in the attic, and I swear by this: it's the perfect bag for Koen. We walked around, explored the city and I shot some great pictures of him. I have to say, I'm quite satisfied and finally feeling the vibe to go shooting more. I don't know what happened, but my photographic passion has been off for a while. Glad to say that it has been coming back to me, I'm excited to make new work! So, stay tuned.


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