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zondag 8 maart 2015

Stay open

You might be familiar with it, that feeling you experience after reading an incredibly good book or quote, watching a movie which you can relate to, or listening to a song for the first time and feel completely hooked to it. That exact feeling, I experience every time I listen to this song.

I love this song to the bone. The lyrics are so poetic and its pureness reminds me of see-through paper. How did a person ever came up with these words and making them sound so flawless, like the belonged in a song? 

Also, the clip. I've never felt more moved by a video. I think it's because we all kind of get a thrill out of having a relationship like this. I mean, I would! The guy is acting so mysterious yet so lovable. Whenever he fools around, and the girl finally gives in to his stupidity, he completely shuts off. To me, he appears to be a bit hard to figure out, which gives a bit of a tense to the relationship between the two.

However, I feel like I can relate to the girl. She is easily satisfied and seeks for beauty and happiness in the littlest things. She is spontaneous and quirky, but nevertheless a very loving person. 

The video shows a realistic perspective on people's relationships in life. We all want to fully give ourselves to another, but sometimes we need a bit of tension. Whenever we feel like something doesn't belong, something isn't right, someone isn't acting like they usually do, it alarms us. And that's when we end up acting like a fool for our loved ones, fighting for their love, acting all quirky, just to reassure yourself that everything is alright. And that's what the guy is singing all along; ''stay open''.

Such a quirky but yet simple relationship. Oh how I love this video.

I'm a fool for you barely
I'm a fool for your love

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