Aisi schrijft

vrijdag 13 maart 2015

I don't like rules, I never did. I pronounce your name just the way I like it. I don't care about what you think of my hair, I grew it myself. I can flawlessly find the words to express myself, but opinions in general don't really get to me at all. I forgot that it mattered. Nowadays, I live carelessly and avoid pressure. I hate authority, always did. I simply don't like being told what to do. I'm a free spirit, I need my hair to float in the wind and my hands to pull grass out and blow it in your face. I choose my friends, I lack enemies. I'm willing to open myself up to anyone, but I don't really prefer conversations about myself. I can't keep up with the bullshit that people are spreading nowadays, so that's why I avoid small-talk.

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