Aisi schrijft

zondag 11 januari 2015


Well, here it is, my first ''real'' artwork. You are probably wondering what it means. Does it even have a meaning? To me, art doesn't always need an explanation. To me, art comes naturally. To me, art is like music. 

But, I totally understand your confusion at this moment. I actually hope you are cringing up in your chair, you may even be disgusted by this piece that I made, since it includes things that stay in context with sex.  

Well, I am glad. I hope it moves you, I hope words pop up in your head. Those words might have to do with what you think of me for making this, that I am weird, crazy, or just extraordinary. Your thoughts can also be about what you actually think of this work. That's good. I'm fine with that. Because, whatever is moving inside you right now, I made that happen. 

You see, art doesn't have to be pretty. Art isn't perfect. It was once just a blank space or a blank canvas. But, art can also be a blank person, blossoming up in the end. That's what it did to me. To be capable of making weird stuff, like this, it gets me excited. It's my motivation, since I have so many ideas that I really would like to make reality. So judge this as much as you want. Maybe you understand what the context is behind it yourself, because you can. You are capable of giving it a meaning for yourself. You don't always need to ask for an explanation, what does it mean to you?

A solution for pedophiles
''you are so tight!'' 

A weapon for women
because they don't need to spread their legs if they don't want to.

A tool for cocky men
since it comes with a free condom

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